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1000th Pub Strip Party

with Little Freddie and the Pops, The Eggs, Steve Lucas and Kev, Fred and Dave
Pint on Punt, Friday 26th June 2009

It was already very busy when I turned up as I had forgotten the end of month drinks at the pub for a company near by. Most of them ended up staying until the end of the night, which added to the crowd. I got a 1000th PUB strip poster from Fred and showed a few people my new photo book of Fred and friends before it got too busy to keep going to get it.

The Eggs were on first, but as I have seen them a few times I was walking around the pub talking to people and going outside occasionally.

Evo was the speaker for the part of the night where everyone got to acknowledge Fred's good work and Milli and Dez Negro and Craig Treweek from Inpress got up to say a few words.

Fred and Dave got up to do some songs including some old favourites and requests from the audience.

Special surprise guest for the night was Steve Lucas being accompanied by Kev on guitar and a random drummer from the audience.

Last band for the night were the much anticipated Little Freddie and the Pops, unfortunately due to all the festivities they only got to play a shortened set. I will be going to see them next time as they were great, I liked the bowing after each song, the smiley-face playing and the whole band running off stage at the end.

It was a great night topped off with going down to Topolino's with some friends, which I never normally do unless it has been a big night and I want to celebrate.

Cheers to Fred for doing 1000 PUB Strips and hopefully it is a big hit when it is introduced to Brisbane in the near future.

The Book of the Fred

The Twits, Shonkytonk, Doug Mansfield, Red Hot Poker Dots, Suzannah Espie, Large Number 12s, Vaginabillies, Almabobies, Dayglo Abortions, Tim Rogers, The Spazzys, Cosmic Psychos, Mach Pelican, The Meanies, Ian Rilen, Maurice Frawley, Hoodoo Gurus, Chrissie Amphlett, Rose Tattoo, Brothel, The Eggs, Fuck Fucks, Dr El Suavo, Blowfly, Bob Log III, Bittersweet Kicks, BoxWars, Cold Harbour, X, Glenn & the Peanutbutter Men, 57 Pages of Pink, BARJ, Ross Hannaford

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