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23 Positions in a One Night Stand

A benefit for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre (ASRC)
with Casey Bennetto, Scott Edgar, The New Earth-Hour Generation, Otto Rot, Renegades of Folk, Sheridan, Jim Lawson, Geraldine Quinn, Anyone for Tennis?, Simon Hall, Andrew McClelland, Xani Kolac, Beau Heartbreaker, Michelle Baginski, Zack Adams, Wes Snelling, Benn Bennett, Kirsty Burn, Penny Ashton, Astrid Rot, Aurora Kurth, Alan Brough, Eddie Perfect, Hooray for Everything, Birdmann, Carl Pannuzzo, Ali McGregor, Adam Hills, Lize Wolgramm
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2008
Trades Hall, Saturday 29th March 2008

First Set:
Let's Go Crazy - Scott Edgar & Casey Bennetto
When You Were Mine - Otto Rot
Cream - Renegades of Folk
How Come U Don't Call - Sheridan
Kiss - Jim Lawson
Sign O' The Times - Geraldine Quinn & Anyone for Tennis?
319 - Simon Hall
Raspberry Beret - Scott Edgar
Sexy MF - Casey Bennetto & Andrew McClelland
1999 - Ben McKenzie

Acoustic Set:
Little Red Corvette - Xani Kolac
Nothing Compares 2U - Beau Heartbreaker
Starfish and Coffee - Michelle Baginski & Zack Adams
Martika's Kitchen - Wes Snelling & Benn Bennett

Second Set:
Love...Thy Will Be Done - Kirsty Burn
U Got the Look - Penny Ashton & Astrid Rot
If I was your Girlfriend - Aurora Kurth & dancer
The Cross - Alan Brough
The Work - Eddie Perfect
I Wanna Be Your Lover - Hooray for Everything
When Doves Cry - Birdmann, Scott Edgar, Simon Hall
Beautiful Ones - Carl Pannuzzo
Seven - Adam Hills
Darling Nikki - Ali McGregor
Alphabet Street - Lize Wolfgramm
Purple Rain - Casey Bennetto & Ensemble

Controversy/Get Off

After the great show last year I didn't have to be asked to attend this event, it was one of the first tickets I bought when the comedy festival started. I had already had a busy couple of days with the Re-mains in town, but I wasn't going to miss this.

It was different vibe from last year as more people got up to dance after sitting the first few songs out and I took advantage of this to get right up the front of the stage. Luckily I had a bit to drink so was unfazed by the sight of Casey Bennetto not wearing pants. He had also done the rehearsal without pants and so had been pant less for most of the day. Other amusement was provided by me not recognising Andrew Ogburn on the keyboards as he had an afro wig and sunglasses on.

There were a mix of comedic and serious versions with Andrew McClelland's Sexy MF being a highlight of the first set and Xani Kolac's version of Little Red Corvette with just her violin being wonderful. Most of the songs were great to dance to and there was even a sing along in parts. Aurora Kurth and dancer were great to and they put a lot of work into their routine before the show I heard.

After the show I was lucky enough to get the sheet with the running order off the lighting crew (I ended up losing my notes) and had a chat to Andrew for a while. For a late night bite on Lygon St I recommend Universal Pizza if you are not into Kebabs, try the Alfie pizza.


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