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A Day By The Green

with Sideshow Brides, Butterfly, Vice Grip Pussies, Burn in Hell, Patron Saints, Cold Harbour, Large Number 12s, Smoke Machine
St Kilda Bowling Club, Saturday 15th May 2010

I hadn't heard anything about this day until a couple of weeks before and even though I had the "Someday We'll Find It" show to go to the next night I decided to go as there were some bands I had wanted to see for a while along with some old favourites.

It was great to see the Sideshow Brides as Rhianna and Layla from the St Kilda Bowling Club are the two lead singers and I had been meaning to see them for a while. Special guests for the day were two of the boys from the band Firebird who played really well I thought.

Butterfly also played well and I will try to go see them next time I see them around.

The Vice Grip Pussies played their first gig on the day and lots of people came into the room just to see them play. Hopefully they will play lots more gigs in the future.

Burn in Hell have been playing a residency at Pure Pop for a while, but it is hard for me to get out during the week. I liked the percussion set up with the beer keg and beer bottle and also Gary on the keyboards went well, especially when he got up on the keg at the end.

The Patron Saints had been playing around town for a while, but I had missed them. I thought they were great and look forward to seeing them in the future.

Cold Harbour were great as always and I will have to get their new album down the track.

It is always good to see the Large Number 12s and they played a good set even though it was shorter than ones they usually play.

Smoke Machine had been recommended to me, but I hadn't made it to see them as yet. Appropriately, they do have a smoke machine and lasers which really ads to the show and most importantly their front man "Gaylord Lovelace" (that's his name!) who really puts on a show and makes sure everyone is dancing. I am looking forward to seeing them playing with Little Freddie and the Pops already.

It was a great day, I am already looking forward to the next one and hopefully some more local bands who couldn't make it on the day will be able to make it.


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