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A Day by the Green 3

with Sideshow Brides, The Fascinators, The Level Spirits, Brian Hooper Band, The Exotics, Burn in Hell, Penny Ikinger, Cold Harbour, The Mercy Kills, Smoke Machine and special burlesque performances by Row Mason
St Kilda Bowling Club, Saturday 8th January 2011

I missed the last Day by the Green show due to having another CD launch to go to on the other side of town so I was looking forward to this show.

It is always good to see Rhianna and Layla and I will try to go see the Sideshow Brides once more during the year.

The Fascinators are a new band with Kim Volkman and Cathy Green but they already have a few fans, it was good to see them.

I was looking forward to the Level Spirits as I had missed seeing their residency due to work. I even gave Molly a hug as soon as she walked off stage - Awww!

The Brian Hooper band had special guests Spencer P Jones and Penny Ikinger, I thought they went well.

It's been ages since I saw the Exotics, I didn't know Benny was playing guitar in the band now. One of my favourite bands of the day and they had quite a lot of people when they played.

Row Mason also did a couple of burlesque performances between the bands I thought she went well, I did stay to take photos and thought it went well.

Burn in Hell also had a lot of people towards the end of their set and I should really get their EP soon-ish as I do enjoy their songs.

Penny Ikinger played a strong set but I was hungry by this point and had to go out to the BBQ.

Cold Harbour are always welcome and they had the joint rocking.

I hadn't seen the Mercy Kills before, but I thought they went well and they had a big finish with the drummer playing with his drumsticks on fire. I had seen the two bottles of kero with drumsticks in them and the fire extinguisher so I knew something was going to happen.

Finishing off the day was the traditional extended set by Gaylord Lovelace and Smoke Machine. Cheers to Mel, Molly, Emma, Narelle, Diane, Phil, Dave and everyone else who I said hello to on the day. I am looking forward to the next Day by the Green later in the year already.


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