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Absinth Club

Salon at the Spanish Club
Saturday, 3rd February 2007

Man's Ruin Burlesque, The Town Bikes, Belladonnas De Lux, Hi-Ball Burlesque, Gypsy Wood, Ms Fat Booty, Imogen Kelly, The Birdman, Kaspia Violetta, Little Kelly Doll, Cougar Jones, Andy Uprock, La Viviana, Amelia Wood, Bonedaddy, Berlin Friday, The Butchershop Quartet, Ms Ivy, Jacob Pacesetter, Fever Fans, The Orphan Party

I have been to a few burlesque nights so I thought I knew what to expect with this one...whoops! The first thing that struck me were the number of people who were dressed up in line as it is usually only the performers who go to all that trouble (I confess I did colour coordinate my outfit down to my underpants that night as I wanted it to be special.)

I have heard that organisers Sugartime run theme nights at 34B in Sydney which look great from the photos that have popped up on Flickr from time to time. They certainly got the atmosphere right with the lighting, smoke machine and tables at the front (although it got a bit squashy in the second half, some people sat under our table.)

There was so much on that night I didn't get a chance to write down the names as the acts were introduced (I will update the photo captions as I find out.)

It made a big difference to have two MCs to introduce each act as they could bounce lines off each other and get up to other shenanigans. When they came out pants less later on in the evening I didn't even blink as I am a veteran of attending Fred Negro's gigs.

Having a live band also made a big difference and the Orphan Party really got into the show with a big number at the end assisted by the Belladonnas De Lux which was great to see. It was also my first time seeing the Belladonnas De Lux and I thought they went very well.

It was really great to see the Town Bikes and get to photograph them after a long absence. These shows might be some of their last performances for a while and it was great to see their new routines. I also enjoyed the stories of the routines as it makes them more interesting to watch and I hope they do more of them.

I also liked Lola Cherry Cola's balloon popping routine and the Honeymoon Sweet's shadow-dancing which was unusual and kept you guessing as to whether she had really stripped off.

Hi-Ball's two routines fitted in with the night perfectly also I thought.

I also loved the swing dancing of Little Kelly Doll and Cougar Jones as well as the beatbox routine and the Dance-off - Little Kelly Doll, Cougar Jones, La Viviana & Andy Uprock later in the show as it helped break up the action.

Amelia Wood was very cheerful and I later found out she is the sister of Gypsy Wood (who played the Green Fairy.) Her foot-juggling routine would have to be one of the highlights of the night as you don't see that sort of thing every day. Gypsy Wood as the Green Fairy was excellent and she was very popular with the audience.

Bonedaddy was really strange and setting his head on fire looked dangerous as some of his clothes caught on fire by accident. (At least it looks that way in the photos.)

It was great to see Ms Fat Booty again as I saw her briefly last year on the rare occasion I wandered into the Espy one night to see what was on. I did try not to get too many photos of your bottom I promise!

The Butchershop Quartet were another weird bunch with lots of gore and a dribbling member who was a standout.

I also loved the Little Red Riding Hood, Imogen Kelly's routine, as there was lots of flying silk and sexy poses.

It was a very special night and a big congratulations to everyone involved and I hope you have heaps of fun doing the Sydney and Brisbane shows. Hopefully these events will kick on and become a regular event so more people can come to see the performers.

Cheers to Carla, Gabi and Sarah who I briefly said hello to after the gig. I would have liked to stayed around for longer and went to the after party, but I wanted to get outside to where it was cool. I did eventually get home a bit later than expected (via St Kilda and Topalinos) and luckily I had backing up my photos to keep me occupied as I was still too excited to sleep after seeing the show.

Hopefully I find a job soon or I will have trouble going to see many other shows like this. If I can get other people to go to similar shows in the future after looking at my photos then I will be happy.


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