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All Girl Sunday

Sunday, 10th December 2006

Sarah Carroll at Pure Pop Records
with special guests Sweet Felicia, Chris Tabone, Chris Wilson and Shula Hampsen

Having left home at 1pm and arriving at Pure Pop Records just before 2pm, Dave told me Sarah wasn't going on until 3pm. Two trams later and up to the Pint on Punt I ran into Colin and Corey trying to outdrink a group of Irish backpackers (very unwise in the heat.)

Luckily the south-westerly wind had started to pick up by the time I came back down, but you couldn't tell it in the oven-on-rails tram that I caught - phew!

I hadn't been to see anyone out the back since the Twits played an acoustic set earlier in the year (and tried to get a noise complaint from the theremin), even though it was hot I wanted to go see Sarah and her friends playing rather than sitting in the pub all day drinking.

After the show I caught the tram back up to the Pint for the second time, with everyone from the beach it seems as everyone piked as soon as the temperature went down a couple of degrees.

Don't Mess with the Pony at the Pint on Punt

Colin had asked me to come and see this band and I had missed seeing them perform at the Queenscliff Music Festival the previous week so I was interested. I stood well clear of the Irish backpackers who moved Corey's sign and photo and drew on Pint Tim's sign (ill-advised as those backpackers have to sleep some time.) I missed taking a photo of Corey out the back sleeping (there were no food orders, he was having a rest!) I wouldn't have wanted to annoy Corey anyway.

It was funny to see Charlie Owen arrive bang on the dot at 5.30pm and step onto the stage only to see Don't Mess with the Pony's guitarist in his spot. I thought they played very well and I hope they get some more gigs. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the end of their gig or say hello as I left early with Dan & Ian to get to Suzannah's gig.

Suzannah Espie & the Last Word at the Greyhound

I was going to just go to the second set of Suzannah's gig at the Greyhound, but I wanted to see both sets after only seeing her do the 1 short set the last two times I had see her play. It was good to see everyone down there, including people who said they were going to see Sarah earlier in the day but didn't turn up.

It was also good that I got to see both sets as it is Suzannah's last gig for the year and might be the one of the last times she plays south of the Yarra for a while. I reckon the Re-mains should play at the venue before the end of March as that would be a great show also.

Finishing off the show with Car Outside the Bar and 'I hope I will' and also a soul number which was great. I enjoyed seeing someone ask for Suzannah's autograph and also she dedicated a song to me during the gig.

I could have gone home after the gig, but John sent me an SMS asking me to come to Dragaoke saying "don't make me have waxed for nothing!" so I had to go to at least the start of it.

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