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The Almaboobies Farewell Show

Pint on Punt
with Fred Negro, Swifty & House of Boobies

Thursday, 22nd September, 2005

I had been looking forward to this show for weeks as although I have been following the Almaboobies since the start of this year, I have enjoyed their shows heaps as they always seem to have fun on stage and a fun to be around themselves. Two of my favourite shows I saw them up where the Free Beer night at the Pint on Punt and this year's Community Cup.

My original plan was to go see them at this show and then go to the Girls in the Garage event the next night, but as it worked out I could only get to this gig in the end. It was better though as I wouldn't have gotten the chance to talk to them much at the big venue they would have been playing at and there would be too many people there.

Highlights for the night included Fred grabbing Alex's Skittles that I gave her and becoming a "Skittles Roadie" for the duration of their ever popular "Skittles" song, Elizabeth's performance with a very high-pitched voice with the "House of Boobies" and Fred's two songs that he sang on with the band.

While I am sad to see the Almaboobies going back to England, I am very happy that they will get to play to more people and it is a very good thing for a band to go overseas and I am really looking forward to seeing them all grown up when they come back to Australia.


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