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Apollo Bay Music Festival 2010

Sunday 28th March 2010
Dan Warner & the Night Parrots, Large Number 12s, JVG Radio Method, Anthony Morgan, Caitlin Harnett, Ian Bland, The Ronson Hangup, Phil Langdon, Princess 1.5, Wolfgramm Sisters, Ash Naylor, Bay of Pigs, Claire Jenkins, The Band Who Knew Too Much, Eddi Reader

First up, a huge thanks to Richard and Julie as it looked like I wasn't going to make it this year despite knowing 14 bands playing in the festival (to be fair they only took down about half a dozen cars between them.) I only found out at midnight on Sunday that we were going after the other plans for the day didn't work out. Considering I had seen Mary Gauthier and Lil' Band O' Gold at Basement Discs the day before I was going to be happy with that.

We arrived about midday in time to see Dan Warner and the Night Parrots at the Bowling Club. I hadn't seen Dan play with his full band since his CD launch two years ago, so it was great to see.

Even though it would have been great to see Big Low, I had to try and make it to the Large Number 12s although it was only for the two songs at the end. Cheers to Horse and Wes who thanked me for being able to make it when I saw them later in the day.

I couldn't get into the Bay Stage to see the Wolfgramm Sisters, so I just went up to the Surf Club to get a good spot for JVG's show. It was a cavalcade of stars for the show with my favourites including Caitlin Harnett and Claire Jenkins and all the old favourites. Ian Bland's poem went well also considering he was still writing it five minutes before the show (it had been a busy weekend.) Due to delays and needing to fill time several of the acts got to do more than one song, which was great as during the Radiothon and BBQ day shows they only get the one.

For the end of the day I couldn't think of anything better than going to see the Band Who Knew Too Much and Eddi Reader even got up to sing with them on "the swimming song".

There was an after party at the Surf Club, but it had been a long day already and I had managed to not have anything to eat since breakfast. Stopped in at Lorne on the way home for half a side of JAWS and back down the Great Ocean Road for the end of a tiring, but great day.


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