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Barbariön AAAAARRGGHHH! EP Launch

with Brat Farrar, Money for Rope
East Brunswick Club, Saturday 20th November 2010

It's been a while since I saw Barbariön and in that time they had gone from playing with the all too-serious metal bands to headlining Cherry Rock and generally having a great time playing with rock bands. They have also developed quite a following as they sound exactly like you think they will sound like and sometimes it is good to go see something that lives up to what it builds itself up to be.

I had already had a big day with the Songs for the Kimberley benefit down in North Fitzroy and dinner at Mi Corazon just up the road. I walked down wearing my tiger head and cloak as I wanted to look the part. Unfotunately my friend couldn't make it until almost when Barbariön had started, but that is probably just as well as he would have suffocated if he had to wear the full gear he had on for over two hours.

Brat Farrar played to a small crowd, but you tend to get that with the first band on at the East Brunswick Club for some reason. They still went alright.

Money for Rope have played around town quite a bit since the Community Cup, but I had not had the opportunity to see them. They are still as energetic as ever.

Even though they didn't get to put on their pyro display for the EP launch, I still think Barbariön played great and you really have to see them live to get the full effect. I liked the guitarists having radio mikes on their backs so they can invade the audience during the show also.

It was also great to be able to introduce someone else to the band and hopefully they will be able to come see them again in the future even if they don't dress up. Unfortunately I did not think to ask someone to get a photo of myself wearing the tiger head and my friend as a viking both together, but another photographer did take a photo of such I am yet to see. I have also been told that girls keep kissing the tiger on the lips all night and I wasn't aware, no that is not a metaphor. I don't think there are any photos of that either.


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