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The Beards

with the Woohoo Revue, Barons of Tang
East Brunswick Club, Saturday 18th July 2009

I was looking forward to seeing the Beards, but for some reason I couldn't get anyone else interested to go to the show, what's wrong with saying "they sing songs exclusively about their beards" if it was the truth? I told all my friends who have beards and still nobody wanted to come see them.

The last gig I had been to see at the East was Wagons' CD preview and I wanted to go to Mi Corazon before the show as I miss dropping in there on a Friday like I used to after work on Fridays when I was working in East Coburg earlier this year. Cheers to Tahnee with the Cowgirl Barbie leg on her hat (it's a talking point) and also to the carafe of Sangria I drank myself even though I regretted it the next day. I probably could've stayed a bit longer at the bar as I ended up sitting around for half an hour waiting for the doors to open at the East, but I had drunk enough by then.

I had wanted to go see the Woohoo Revue in May, but didn't have the money at the time. I still have to see Flap! after seeing them do one song at the big charity gig during the comedy festival. I have been interested in more of this type of music since going to see the Band Who Knew Too Much and finding out my friends want to come see a band with me finally, so I have been looking for more bands in the same style. They play instrumental music that is great to dance to and did have a few of the early crowd dancing for most of their set.

For some reason the Beards were on second, but that was OK as they still went great. I didn't really know what style they were going to be or if they would be more of a recorded band or a live one, but I thought they were great. There were lots of "beard metal" moments and even some beard-touching and stroking between consenting adults. Another highlight was when some girls in the audience made their flowing locks into a beard and danced to them.

I had seen the Barons of Tang briefly at a party for the roller derby girls a couple of years ago and they seem to have gotten a big following since then. Almost as soon as they started everyone stepped forward and started dancing up a storm. As I was a bit tired I ended up leaving early, but everyone was having a good time dance and the band was on top of it.


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