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Bedroom Philosopher CD Launch

with Josh Earl, Geraldine Quinn, Martin Martini & The Bone Palace Orchestra
East Brunswick Club
Thursday, 25th May 2006

After seeing Marcel Borrack's CD launch at the same venue the other week, I decided to go see the Bedroom Philosopher's CD launch as I went to his comedy festival show and enjoyed it.

I had forgotten that the Australia vs. Greece match was on that night, but I wasn't really that interested in it or I would have stayed at my local to watch it.

The audience for the Bedroom Philosopher is interesting, as where a normal indie audience would be talking of LSD and P-O-T, the 'Rooms crowd talk about SQL and PHP.

Josh Earl was up first and it was interesting to see how he played at a larger venue as he was surprised by having a fold back. The audience enjoyed his set I thought.

Geraldine Quinn stepped into the line-up at the last minute to replace Sam Simmonds, which was good of her. Even though she only played two songs, they were great and she really puts on a great performance to go with the song.

Martin Martini & The Bone Palace Orchestra are very intriguing. I had heard that they were playing at the festival club during the comedy festival, but I was never in the city to see them. Martin Martini looks like a cross between Frank Zappa, Aunty Jack and hatter.

This band was great and I will try to get and see them another time around town. I wish more of the crowd had got up off the floor to dance though, as it seemed like a bit of a waste to have such good music and not have people moving to it.

As the launch was during the week, I had to leave a couple of songs into the Bedroom Philosopher's set to catch a tram home. Luckily I got to see the dance spectacular for "I'm so post-modern" and the first couple of songs.

Hopefully I will get to stay for longer next time and I hope the Bedroom Philosopher has a good tour around Australia and meets a lot of people.


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