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Half Arsed Three

with special guest Aurora Kurth
Bella Union, Thursday 2nd December 2010

I usually end up at the Half-Arsed Three against my better judgement on the first Thursday of each month for some reason, or at least have managed to do so this year from August onwards. I just like going somewhere on a Thursday night where I don't have to worry about taking photos unless it is a special occasion and I don't even end up staying for the full set usually (although the show during the comedy festival was an exception.)

I wasn't going to be able to make the Bella Union Christmas show this year and wanted to see the last show of the year also. When I arrived some time during the first set Aurora was on stage singing and it was great to say hello to her afterwards.

The special guests this year have been great and included people I wouldn't have been able to see otherwise due to being too busy myself. I am looking forward to seeing the Half Arsed Three again in 2011.

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