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Bill Kirchen

with Chris Wilson & guests
Rainbow Hotel, Wednesday 26th September 2007

I hadn't seen Bill Kirchen before, but I have heard him via the Satellite EP that GIT put out a few years ago and wanted to see him play after that. Rock-a-bye Boogie from that EP in particular is always interesting to listen to as it was the exact song I was listening to when John Howard came out to make his victory speech on TV during election night in 2004.

Thanks to Sarah for inviting me as I have heard some of his new album on Twang since then and enjoyed it. Special guests for the night were Chris Wilson and band who played a set with Bill Kirchen accompanying on guitar. As a bonus we even got to see Shannon Bourne playing with Bill Kirchen when Chris Wilson called him to come down from where he was watching on the stairs.

Bill Kirchen's set was a mixture of his new album 'Hammer of the Honkytonk Gods' and some of his favourites from his back catalogue including the audience favourite 'Hot Rod Lincoln' where he even played guitar tennis with Sarah at one stage. I will have to get his live CD some time in the future just for that song as it was great.

Playing as Bill Kirchen's band and having to learn his songs in a very short time Leigh Ivin, Sarah Carroll, Jason, Sweet Felica and Chris Wilson all did great and I hope they all have a good time up in Narooma at the festival.


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