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Bitchfest 2008

On the Prowl, DollSquad, Agelik, Crackwhore
Cornish Arms, Saturday 10th May 2008

Even though I had been sick for the past week, I had promised Stacy and James I would come to this gig when I saw them at the roller derby. I ended up getting to the venue a bit early so it was a while before anyone turned up.

On the Prowl are now a two-piece and I thought they went well even though the drummer only learnt how to play the day of the gig.

I hadn't seen the DollSquad for quite a few years and didn't know if they were still together. The new line-up is great and I will try to go see them more often when I have the opportunity.

Angelik went well and I will try to see them next time they come over from Adelaide. I don't know why they didn't play with the Twits last time they were over there.

I only ended up staying for a few songs of Crackwhore's set, but thanks to Stacy for playing second-last so I could see them and take photos of their set. Hopefully I will get to see them more often in the future.


Spencer P. Jones and the Escape Committee

Pint on Punt, Saturday 10th May 2008

I had wanted to see Spencer P. Jones, but I had already promised to go the Bitchfest show. The best I could do is make it back for the last few songs and even then I had to race across town.

There was a big crowd at the Pint for the show including a rowdy hurling team along with all the regulars who go to see Spencer. The Large Number 12's and fans were also in attendance and will no doubt have a sore head for their Sunday gig.

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