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with MC Dr El Suavo, The Twits, Bob Log III
East Brunswick Club
Saturday, 24th February 2007


I had seen the Handsome Family on Thursday night so it was going to be difficult to top that show, but I am glad I was asked to come see this show as I probably wouldn't have come otherwise.

The Twits don't get to perform north of the river that often so it was good to see them play in front of the different audience. Also some drunk bloke mooned the crowd and ended up with a foot up his arse (no photo of that thankfully.)

I hadn't seen Dr El Suavo do his magic show for a couple of years as something else seemed to pop up when I had meant to go. He did two short spots in between each of the acts which I thought went well.

For some reason Blowfly was on second last, but it didn't really matter on the night as everyone still enjoyed the show. I thought his band was great also as I don't often hear that style of music.

Some highlights of Blowfly's set:
"Should I fuck that big fat ho?"
"I'm a hole man!"
"A! Alicia Keys pussy! B! Britney Spears pussy! C! Condeelza Rice's pussy!..."
"The incredible fuck! It's too big to suck! Gotta haul it in a truck!"
"Give me the finger!"

Bob Log III has been adopted by the Melbourne music scene and while I don't think he will have a residency in the usual sense, his gigs here will be definitely ones to look forward to for years to come.

It was the first time I have seen the SS BOOB sail into the crowd and it is a bonding experience for the audience trying to keep Bob afloat. Some pirates later shanghaied the SS BOOB and didn't go so well - yeowch!

After the show I got to hang out with Blowfly's band as they gave me a lift back to St Kilda. It was good hang around for a bit as I usually go straight home. It was a great show and I recommend checking out Blowfly if you get the chance.

Recording of Blowfly's set
Recording of Bob Log III's set

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