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Bob Log III at the Corner Hotel, Melbourne

with the Town Bikes
support Osterberg & The Legends of Motorsport
Saturday, 25th June, 2005

Memorable quotes from the night:
"I want a hamburger, get me a veggie burger and I punch you in the eye!"
"I think your pizza has menstrual problems..."
"Put your boob in my motherfuckin' scotch!"

After hearing so much about The Town Bikes adventures with Bob Log III in the USA, I was really looking forward to seeing how they performed with him in front of a home crowd. I had heard of the other bands, but I didn't really know much about them.

Osterberg played on the side stage and although not many people had arrived when they played their first set, they still played really well. I didn't go over to see their second set later in the night as by that time it was too crowded.

Legends of Motorsport have been playing around town quite a bit so I had heard their name mentioned before. They played a very energetic set, especially when Bob Log came out at the end to help them finish off (he just ran on the stage with his foot cymbal to fool around.)

I was caught out when I went to the toilet and didn't know that the Town Bikes where going to do some dance routines on their own. I just got back in time to see the greater part of their new and improved milkmaid routine and the totally-new sexy routine with flashing lights and sexy red-and-black outfits.

Bob Log III was much better than I thought as I had only heard a few of his songs including Boob Scotch and Back of a Truck. He could easily do away with the helmet and the phone and still get a big audience, but they are such a part of his act now that he can't do that.

The best thing about Bob Log III's set along with his guitar playing where the songs where the Town Bikes did backup dancing as it really added to the song and they even jumped up on his podium and played around with him. It was really funny to see them knock him off his stool.

After the show I hung around the stage door hoping to talk to Gabi again, I was lucky enough to have her wave me backstage and I got to go to the band room and meet Bob Log, which was nice. Also I got to talk to Gabi and Carla from the Town Bikes about their show and the one which they did in Sydney the previous night and catch up with what else they have been doing.

As I left Gabi gave me a BIG HUG A-OH! and I wandered around outside in the freezing arse cold waiting for a cab (next time I'll walk just up the road and catch it from where I caught the one I got.)

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