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BoxWars 14

Mega Monster Smash'n'Brawl
City Tea Party Edition
Caulfield Park, Boxing Day 2008

I have missed the big Boxing Day BoxWars the last few years, despite living across the road from Caulfield Park where it is held. No excuse this year as I made arrangements ahead of time to go home early to see it. The BoxWars council was already in the park setting up when I walked past at 1pm, despite the humidity and threat of rain.

As it only takes me about five minutes to walk down to the park I had plenty of time to get some washing done and faff around at home.

Quite a few people there when I made it back a bit before 4.30pm. Cheers to Scott and everyone else I have forgotten. Richard was taking names of the warriors for the intro and commentary during the battle (I have forgotten most of them.)

Great to see some entrants form overseas and two stilt-walkers. As it turns out they were very good at it and were the hardest to take down in battle. They also had a height advantage on the battlefield.

The BoxWars Council had some of the most detailed boxes, with other standouts being the Dr. Zoidberg and Tofu Man with the two faces. The home-made boxes were great though as they had a lot of character and some of them lasted a lot longer than the bigger ones.

The Triceratops box was almost indestructible! About 20 people ended up jumping on it to try and destroy it at the end of the battle. Having the rider was great, but hard for the people carrying the box, it was a team effort.

I thought the city was a great idea as it helped contain the battle and also served as ammunition and weapons in hand-to-box combat. The crane in particular was used a lot for this. Triceratops Box became a launching pad for people towards the end of the battle, which was great. BoxWars "king of the mountain" next year?

It was all over in a bit over an hour and I went home to back up the photos and burn some DVDs. When I walked past at 8pm Scott and a few of the others were still cleaning up! Hopefully they finished not long after and had dinner as I ended up at a friend's place drinking on the way back.

Yes, there are a lot of photos. I originally took 1,895 shots and have cut it down significantly. Just use the index pages and skip ahead to the ones you like if you get tired. It's meant to be a battle, what are you a wimp or something?!

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