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BoxWars 15 - Robot Invasion

Caulfield Park, Boxing Day 2009

Has it really been a year since the last BoxWars? I didn't seem that way and I didn't even think it would take place at its traditional home this year due to the park being fenced off for almost two months when they put new grass down and did some other landscaping work.

When I arrived back from the country at around 1pm, the BoxWars crew was already busy setting up, but not many people had arrived yet. They said to come over early, but I knew the battle wouldn't be until later as happened last year.

Couldn't have gotten a better day for the battle and it didn't start to rain like happened last year, but wasn't too hot either. I thought there was a good variety in the robots, but if people are making things on their own you're always going to get more than one of something (five Benders this time), but it was good to see the variation within the Bender models.

Unlike last year, there were not such huge box-creations, with only a couple of them being really large (there was meant to be another one, but it couldn't be transported.) The big robots were tackled first in the battle anyway.

The battle was over by 4.30pm and I wanted to try and make it back with the DVD of photos before everyone left, by 5.30 I was back in time to see the BoxWars crew and a few people still having a drink in the park. All done until next year unless I make it to the Boogie music festival.


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