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Boxwars at Fringe

The Conquistadors Pop Culture Inquisition
with Cloud City and the Hybernators
St Kilda Bowling Club, Saturday 6th October 2007

I had been looking forward to this event since I found about it earlier in the year. Luckily the date was confirmed early as I was worried it was going to clash with Tim Rogers' show and I would have had trouble choosing which one to see.

The members of BoxWars had spent a long time preparing for this event and it showed in their costumes as they were all painted and made very well. Some amusement also came from being asked by one combatant what Spongebob Squarepants did as he wanted to get into character.

As it was at the bowling club I had a few drinks and it was very dark so my flash didn't want to go off sometimes when I was trying to take photos. Hopefully everyone likes the shots I managed to get though.

Cloud City was up first and it was good to see them after going to Sarah and Antman's birthday the other week. They recently headlined at the Espy which was great to see.

The Hybernators were up next and played very well despite problems with the PA. Midway through their set the BoxWars entered the arena and it was on for young and old!

Even though it was a bit dangerous up the front, I ended up near the stage so I could get a good shot and got bashed into. The best part was picking the combatants off the floor, whacking them on the back and pushing them back into the fray.

It was a much longer battle than the last couple of times I had seen them and I thought it went very well. Afterwards I took the opportunity to hang out in the downstairs bar with the Hybernators as I usually don't stay after the gigs, it was great apart from Australia losing the Rugby to England. I even made it down to Topolinos for a very late dinner (2am), birds were chirping by the time I went to bed!

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