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Kelly Ann Doll, Bottoms Up! Burlesque

Burlesque Bar, Friday 29th May 2009

I had noticed the Burlesque Bar in Fitzroy a while ago, but I was always there during the day so it was closed and I hadn't been able to find a website for it. I had written to the bar through another website about getting performers at the bar, but I don't know if they read it, so I was glad to hear that they were going to start having acts on a Friday night and I said hello to them over email.

It was great to see Kelly Ann Doll perform again as I hadn't seen her dance since last year and her new routines were great. Hello to Daniel and I hope you enjoyed dancing on the night.

2007 was the last time I had seen Sparkerella of Bottoms Up! Burlesque perform and it was with a different group. On this night it was with Miss Willow and they did two different routines. The venue is only small so they got really close to the crowd, I nearly got a kick in the head for my troubles, but was lucky this time.

I had some drinks before the performances and enjoyed one of the themed burlesque cocktails. Between acts I was going out the back to talk to the performers about to come on so I didn't get back to the bar. I would recommend the venue if you are going out with friends as the performances are on early and you can go off somewhere else afterwards if you wish, or stay and have a few more drinks out the back in a more relaxed atmosphere.


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