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Burlesque Battle Royale

First Floor Fitzroy, Friday 11th November 2005
with The Sky's Au-go-go, Baby Take a Bow!, Mans Ruin Burlesque, The Town Bikes

I was really looking forward to this gig and it was a surprise to see so many people lining up to get in. If they hold it again in the future, hopefully they book a larger venue like the HiFi Bar, Prince of Wales or the Rod Laver Arena.

I also ended up standing almost an hour in line, only to find out that I could have just gone in the much shorter VIP line - doh! At least the in-line coversations were interesting.

By the time I got in I just managed to catch the end of the Sky's Au-go-go, who seemed really good even from the end of their act that I go to see. I couldn't get as close to the stage as I would have like, so it was even more challenging than usual for me to take any photos this time. For the record I ended up taking 609 photos to try and at least get a few I could use.

Baby, Take a Bow! were good, but I had seen two of their acts before. I did like the nervous and screaming woman though as it was very strange.

The Town Bikes were announced to huge cheers and I was looking forward to seeing them the most on the night. Their tour overseas has really given them the opportunity to polish their routines and their new milkmaid routine has a very special addition to the end which I thought was funny.

Man's Ruin Burlesque were great and I liked their new cheerleader routine. The crowd seemed to be split between Man's Ruin and Town Bikes fans, but in the end the Town Bikes' fans were the loudest.

As I was hot and tired after Man's Ruin, I went and sat up the back with some friends of the Town Bikes and just watched the dance off on the big screen. In the end the Town Bikes won the big prize with Man's Ruin coming second. Carla & Gabi coming back to our seats to see us after they won was my favourite part of the night and I was so proud for them I nearly cried. Next time I will have to stay for a drink (I was going back to my parents the next day) and I hope the Town Bikes had fun in Perth with Tim Rogers.

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