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Croxton Neapolitan Showcase

Sarah Carroll, Dan Warner & Marcel Borrack
Old Butter Factory, Drouin

Saturday, 17th June 2006

I had been to the Croxton Neapolitan Showcase gig at the Northcote Social Club earlier in the week, but I wanted to go to this show as I grew up in Drouin and it would be the best chance to take my parents to see some of the people I go to see all the time in Melbourne.

I had heard about the Old Butter Factory, but never been there and it is always good to go somewhere new. The owners have done a really good job of doing up the venue (I got to see upstairs after the show) and the performance area downstairs is great as it was really warm, while still being rustic.

Hello to Laurie Collins who used to teach me in High School and who I haven't seen for a few years. I am looking forward to the school's 50th anniversary next year so I can catch up with some other people.

It was great to see how well the show is progressing after only a week, Marcel has picked up a pair of mirrored shades for the part of a helicopter pilot in one of Dan's songs and also they had a special guest by the name of Dan who played slide guitar on some songs. I expect by the time they play the last show of the tour at the Prince of Wales in August, they will have 50 Dans, 30 Sarah's and 1 Marcel in their band.

Hopefully more bands from Melbourne hear about this venue and make the trip up the highway. It would be easier for me to see them also (only $10 to get to Drouin and back.)

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