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Cabaret Cirlesque

Order of Melbourne, Sunday 16th August 2009
with Miss Strawberry Siren, Miss Remi, Sheena Miss Demeanour (Syd), Lilikoi Kaos, "Eugena", Anyone For Tennis?, The Barons of Tang, DJ set by Adilita

I wasn't going to go to see burlesque shows or similar for a while, but by accident I finally found Pippin Remi who I had wanted to show the photos to from a show at Red Door Burlesque from last year and she told me about this show. Also I found out that I had already met Miss Strawberry Siren at a gig a couple of times and she had left a big enough impression on me that I wanted to come see her show.

Lilikoi Kaos was great, I have seen a bloke hammering a nail into his nose, but it was different having a woman do the act. I also liked all the faces she pulled during the act. I did end up watching her and just pressing the button on my camera instead of looking through it during her act so it must be good.

I had seen Anyone For Tennis? a couple of years ago during a comedy festival fundraiser so it was great to see them again. They did a few songs and did a funny site gag at the end.

Miss Strawberry Siren was the host for the night and also did a burlesque routine herself, I liked it.

Miss Remi was great again and did her routine with candles and I got to take more photos of the part before it as it was too hard last time.

Sheena Miss Demeanour started out as a nice ballet-style routine, but went all weird in a good way. I did not expect that to happen with the scissors and I hope they found them at the end of the night.

"Eugena" was funny with the hula-hoops and I have even found the website that had the song on it I liked it so much.

Miss Strawberry Siren & Miss Remi did a synchronized routine on the rings, it was difficult to choose which one to look at, but I enjoyed seeing them both.

Closing out the night were the Barons of Tang. I ended up staying for their full set even though I had work the next day.

The next Cabaret Cirlesque is on the 19th of September at the Toff in Town and is sure to be a big one as some of my friends have said they want to go to it also.

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