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Charlie Parr

with Dan Kelly
Caravan Music Club, Friday 7th January 2011

After having a bit of a rest after the big New Year's show it was good to be back at the Caravan and to see Dan Kelly who I didn't get to see the full set of at Queenscliff as the venue was too crowded for me. I thought he played well and he even had the crowd sing along to Bindi Irwin Apocalypse Jam.

I had heard quite a bit about Charlie Parr, but had not seen him before and was looking forward to seeing him perform. For the night I also had a bit of a night off from the camera and only took photos at the start and end of his set.

There were lots of new people who came for this show and hopefully they will be back in the future along with the regular patrons, there are some exciting shows coming up


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