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Children of the Night - Burlesque Spectacular

Old Chinese Theatre
Sunday, 26th February, 2006

After enjoying the Burlesque D'Amour show a couple of weeks ago, I heard from Julie from Hi Ball who invited me to this show, so I was looking forward to it.

The venue has been set up especially for this series of shows as it is a promotion for Levi's. Despite what some people have been saying about that, I think it is a great chance to see some musicians and other performers in a new venue.

While I have seen Hi Ball Burlesque recently, I haven't seen Baby Take a Bow! perform since the Burlesque Battle Royale last November so I was looking forward to seeing if they had any new routines to perform.

Both groups performed great on the night and it was interesting to see them in this new venue. It was a bit hard to tell when they were coming on however as there was no MC and you didn't know how long the break would be in between shows.

I was glad I went to this show and I have now bought a spare battery so I don't run out in the middle of a burlesque routine in the future and just have to sit and watch it...hey, that's not a bad idea!


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