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Chris Wilson & Shannon Bourne

Old Drouin Butter Factory
Saturday 11th November 2006

Flying carpets, magnificent pheasants and schnitzels of the world...

As I had seen the Croxton Neapolitan tour a few months ago at the same venue, I wanted to go again to see Chris and Shannon as I hadn't seen them play since earlier in the year during their residency and Fitzroy and I wanted to see how they would go with a very different audience.

My dad came along also and we also met my parents' next door neighbours as they go to see a lot of gigs down in Melbourne it seems. It was good to see Laurie again as I hadn't seen him since last time I saw a show in Drouin and I was able to pass on my invitation for next week so he has a copy to show people.

I sat next to dad during the first set so I didn't get many photos, but during the second set I sat near the front (I got a headache from the lights shining right in my eyes, whoops.) Having been to a lot of gigs in Melbourne where some people just start talking louder when the band starts, it was great to see such an attentive and appreciative audience. Even the teenagers were paying attention, which was a shock.

Chris likes people talking back to him during the show, which my dad took full advantage of. The funniest part of the night was when someone said the flower arranger used to be a nun, which Chris didn't have a come back for.

Also great was sing-along at the end of the first set and people getting up to dance for the last song (the Detonators would be great at the venue for that.)

Cyndi Boste is playing next month, so I will try to get down for that also. Hopefully some more bands from Melbourne will be performing at the venue in the future, I could think of a couple in particular that would be great and one band that would be once-in-a-lifetime experience if they could fit it into their schedule.

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