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Chrome Daddies Farewell Show at Grand Central Club

with Hank's Jalopy Demons, Benny & The Fly By Nighters
Friday, 17th February, 2006

quote of the night:
"PISSING and SHITTING!" - said in a German accent.

St. Patrick's Day come around again and I am off to another gig as I did last year. This time I did manage to call into my local to have a green cocktail in celebration (I had an Irish Flag shot for lunch.) I am sure the Mary Hillbillys gig there went well as did The Twits and 50 Kaitenz at the Espy.

My friend had asked me to come to see the Chrome Daddies as she had really been looking forward to see them. She had a great time catching up with them after the show and went out drinking with one of the bands afterwards.

I hadn't been to the Grand Central before, but I have heard it is a good venue. Russel Crowe has a residency there on Mondays in April (must be part of the Comedy Festival.)

Hank's Jalopy Demons played first and they are as good as I remember them from seeing them at the Bendigo Hotel. I didn't know their partners are from Hi-Ball Burlesque as I said hello to a few of them on the night. They are playing a show together soon that should be good.

During the break, further entertainment was provided by the ladies "strolling" the dance floor. I tried to get a photo of this, but it didn't come out unfortunately.

Benny & The Fly by Nighters were great and had a lot of people up dancing during their set. My friend really likes them and I see them around from time to time.

Unfortunately, this was the Chrome Daddies farewell gig in Melbourne. I would have liked to see them more often as they were really funny as I found out after the show. Their CDs are still available though (didn't have the money to get one on the night), and come highly recommended if you like rockabilly, blues or alt-country style music.

My friend hadn't told me, but she used to be pen-pals with the band and they ended up writing a song about her called "Cowgirl Mama". We stayed until everyone had left (I don't usually do this), the Chrome Daddies are playing in Moama and Adelaide next so look out for them.

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