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City Sharps Suburban Sharp CD Launch

Kustom Lane Gallery, Sunday 18th July

I enjoyed the opening a few weeks ago and was looking forward to this gig since then. While I had been to see La Femme a couple of times in the past, I haven't really seen that many bands from around the time of the Sharpies.

If the exhibition was 10 years in the making, then the band would have been 30 years. Chane Chane and the rest of the band members were in bands around the time and it is great they could get a CD together for the exhibition and I am sure heaps of people would have come to their CD launch regardless. They definitely have something to sing about that is unique to them and doesn't have a voice in any other band that I know of at the moment.

I don't know if the band is going to do a lot of gigs, but it was good to see them this time and I look forward to seeing what Sam and Chane Chane have planned for the future.


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