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Clip Clop Club

with Jack Rabbit and the Pubic Hares
Pint on Punt
Friday, 22nd September 2006

Considering how long it took me to see the Clip Clop Club at their residency at the GPB I wasn't expecting to take photos at one of their gigs for at least a couple of years yet. While I was going to go down the road to see that gig, having them at the Pint is more convenient as I was going there anyway.

Also it was Campbell's first night back after travelling overseas for a year so it was a good chance to catch up and say hello to some of the other bar staff who came in to see him working behind the bar.

There was probably pretty much the same amount of people in the bar as the Clip Clop Club's usual residency, but it was more spread out so you didn't notice as much. I thought they played really well and hopefully they will play at the Pint again some time.

Talking to Ian Bland before Jack Rabbit and the Pubic Hares played, I found out he was responsible for this page which was good to hear. The Rabbit & the Moll were originally listed to play, but Dave couldn't make it tonight. I also got to meet the no.1 fans of Jack Rabbit & the Pubic Hares who were having a great time.

I left after the first set of Jack Rabbit as I had come straight from work and started early so I was a bit tired. Hopefully everyone had a good time, stayed late and drank a lot.

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