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Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2005

Junction Oval, Sunday 26th June 2005
with The Almaboobies, Rebecca's Empire, Weddings, Parties, Anything and Dallas Crane

The Community Cup has been and gone for another year. It's hard to believe that this one came around so quick, as it seems like just yesterday that I was marking next year's one in my calendar. Time to do the same for 2006 (Sunday, 25th June 2006).

Even though I didn't get to bed until 3.30am the previous night due to seeing Bob Log III at the Corner Hotel, I still managed to get up as soon as my alarm went off at 10am this morning and arrived at the ground around 11.30am.

The Almaboobies were really excited to be playing this gig as Fred had recommended them to Evo after they played with the Twits across the road at the Pint on Punt. I am sure they are going to go on to have a huge success as The Spazzys played at the cup a couple of years ago and look how they have gone.

Rebecca's Empire played well and were just as good as they had been all the times I saw them at the Rosstown Hotel. They said they hadn't played for a while, but you really couldn't tell.

The band most people would have come to see today was Weddings, Parties, Anything and they were really great. Much to the delight of the crowd they played all their biggest hits and really got the crowd pumping for the match.

As for the match itself, I noticed it, but didn't really pay that much attention as I was having too much fun talking to friends and hanging out with another friend (Ilana),who surprised me by showing up unexpectedly. At half time we walked across the oval under a barrage of footballs from people playing kick-to-kick in search of a less-busy toilet. It turned out the ones in the club rooms were free anyway.

The rest of the game went without too much incident and I even got to throw my $10 worth of 50c coins into the blanket going around. Steve Prictor was wearing a hard-hat for very good reason, but I didn't have the heart to throw coins at him when he came around.

When the game ended I ran onto the ground and said goodbye to Ilana and went onto the ground to take more photos and watch the presentations. I was surprised when I came back to find her still there. I hope she got to go to the Bendigo Hotel and have a dance eventually.


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