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Sacred Heart Mission Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2007

with he RocKwiz Orchestra (with special guests), The Double Agents, Crystal Thomas & Les Fleurs Du Mal, Killer Birds, Bob Log III, Mach Pelican
Junction Oval, St Kilda
Sunday, 24th June 2007

Final match result
3RRR/PBS Megahertz 6.7.43
Espy Rockdogs 11.9.75

The build up for this year's game was a bit different from last year as I was lucky enough to go to the cup training session and also the Megahertz 10th Anniversary in the weeks before so they made me look forward to the match even more.

On reading the program I was even more surprised to find myself mentioned in it by Dan Warner (so that's what he was doing at the training session.) I had no idea it was going to happen myself and it also saved me from having to hand out any cards during the day, thanks Dan and Evo.

In comparison to last year I got an early night and was the second payer through the main gate as I wanted to see some of the earlier bands like last year (I met King City Seven that way.) I hadn't seen Killer Birds since they supported X at the Greyhound earlier this year, but they were still just as good.

Crystal Thomas & Les Fleurs Du Mal were a band I hadn't heard anything about, but I thought they turned out quite well. Matt Walker and Clare Moore played with them which was interesting.

I had been meaning to go see the Double Agents since last year, but I had never gotten around to it. It was great to see them today and catch up with Tanya and Myles.

Evo said that I was going to be the official Rockdogs photographer, so I was in and out of the changing rooms all day and ended up taking the team photo before the game. Walking in at half time was great, even if the pea-soup of Vicks was a bit harsh at first. Running out with them onto the ground was definitely a highlight as was them bashing on the wall when they were going past the Megahertz changing rooms after half time - "WARRIORS! COME OUT TO PLAY!"

The Rockwiz Orchestra was great as were the special guest which including Rebecca Barnard, Lisa Miller, Tex'n'Tim, Kat Spazzy, Link Meanie and Fred Negro.

I did get to see some of Mach Pelican, but I am going to see their last gig in August and give them a proper send off. The crowd seemed to enjoy them and they played heaps of Ramones songs in keeping with the theme.

There were already people there taking photos exclusively of the match, so I concentrated on what I was doing during the day and finding as many dogs possible to take photos of. It was great to see a crew there filming for a documentary which should be out next year some time the way post production goes on these things.

I had meant to go to Fred & Johnny's karaoke afterwards, but I will go next week as it is Johnny's last night. I still managed to call into the Pint and see the first song of the Large Number 12s and also swang by the St Kilda Bowling Club on the way home. Going from my experience last year, I am definitely going to need the day off to recover and I am sure there will be a lot of sore heads around St Kilda in the morning.

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Sacred Heart Mission
Rockwiz Orchestra
Killer Birds
The Double Agents
Bob Log III
Crystal Thomas
Mach Pelican
Eyelash & Peachy Keen (Rockdogs Cheerleaders)

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