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Reclink Community Cup 2009

Elsternwick Park, Sunday 21st June 2009
with Jordie Lane, Dollsquad, Kram, Scared Weird Little Guys, Cosmic Psychos
special appearances by Espy Rockdogs & Megahertz Cheerleaders

Final score:
Espy Rockdogs 8 8 56
RRR/PBS Megahertz 8 7 55

When we're all old codgers I am sure we will all have the "I remember when..." stories, but the one that will bring gasps whenever it is told will be "I remember the year when there wasn't a Community Cup!" Sure, there was a lot of stuff on that year, but it felt like it had lost the guts of it and I went out to a lot of things just for the sake of it.

Coming back to the cup this year, I was worried that not many people would remember it and it might not feel the same as last time. I couldn't sleep the night before and even ended up walking about an hour to the ground from my place in Caulfield. Arriving to see the last quarter of the juniors and Rowdy presenting best on ground, I was struck how much the ground reminded me of a country football ground with the raised embankment all around. All it needed is someone to bring a car in to beep their horn after each goal, but someone would have done that joke already.

Doing my first lap of the ground for the day, a bloke pulled up in a golf cart and offered me a lift, I found out later it was Adrian Panozzo CEO of Reclink, which was nice. Great to see the photos on the inside cover of the 2007 Community Cup, they were some of my best photos from that year that didn't involve women taking their clothes off.

I did also see quite a few people who I hadn't seen for a while, leading to the quote of the day regarding why someone had lost their voice due to eating chewing gum "you can't say that! You should have said you lost it due to eating a baby or something!"

It was good to see Jordie Lane again, but the crowd was a bit thin when he started, he was a good sport to go on first and hopefully lots of people will come to his CD launches.

While Jordie was playing, Joey Backseat from DollSquad yelled out to me and I went up to take some photos of them and Evo before they went on. DollSquad have had a makeover from 60s Flower Power to Girl on a Motorcycle territory and look all the better for it. Steve Lucas also joined the band for their last song and they had a few more people in by the time they finished.

I was running backwards and forwards between the Rockdogs rooms, which were just behind the stage, and watching the band. During one stint in the rooms I said hello to the Espy Rockdogs Cheerleaders who still remembered me from last time and took some funny photos.

It's been a while since I saw Kram play with Spiderbait. I still remember him doing "Ass Hugging Pants" at the HiFi Bar one Grand Final Eve years before he had his own band, which reminded me a lot of the songs he played in his set. Tim Rogers also joined him for the one song after he had finished getting ready in the rooms.

Both teams went out the back oval to warm up, prompting one wag to remark "let's do a TISM and start playing the match here!" Back in the rooms Dermott Brereton gave an inspiration speech, followed up by Fred Negro asking if anyone wanted a drawing of a cock with tits on their arm, everything as normal there then.

I got to run out onto the ground with the Rockdogs again and the Scared Weird Little Guys went great with the national anthem. I don't really have a long enough lens to take photos of the on-field action, so unless I start running onto the field while the game is being played to take photos, I'll leave that part to the experts.

I had ended up by myself due to running around to take photos, but I eventually found my friends and took their photos over the far side of the ground, only to walk back over when I heard the Cosmic Psychos warming up. "Rodd" Knight went great considering he had just played half a game of footy.

The game did seem to go for longer this time as it was a more structured game meaning they actually had the quarters the right length, meaning that it finished under lights for the first time ever. The awards at the end were great and it was good to see them out on the ground again (it would have taken too long for everyone to run up to the balcony.)

After the awards, I went up to the Rockdogs for a short while to say goodbye to everyone and get a photo with Tim Rogers. I did end up at the Large Number 12s at the Pint and then Firebird at the Bowlo and was going to go to Kooky Karaoke at the Greyhound afterwards, but my feet started hurting too much and I just wanted to go home at that point.

Hopefully the day raised lots of money and will return next year, see you then.


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