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Reclink Community Cup 2010

Elsternwick Park, Sunday 27th June 2010
with Blue Lead, Money for Rope, Little Freddie and the Pops, Blackeyed Susans, The Living End, Nick Barker and the Reptiles

Final Score:
Espy Rockdogs 5-10-40
RRR/PBS Megahertz 6-5-41

After a big weekend with the Espy Rockdogs Pie Night on Friday and Elana Stone at Bennetts Lane I was ready for the Community Cup and had even cashed in the change I had been saving for a few months so I didn't have to worry about money on the day. As it turned out I did have to work the day after so I didn't really drink that much on the day and was running around too much to do so any way.

Like last year I decided to walk down from home, but got there a bit later as the curtain-raiser match had already finished. It was good to get there early to see the first band, Blue Lead, play a few songs before Money For Rope.

Money For Rope played just as well as they did at the pie night and there were a few more people to see them this time, which was great.

I wouldn't have missed Little Freddie and the Pops and I was surprised to see the Espy Rockdogs Trannie Cheerleaders turning up in the middle of their song as I hadn't expected them to just run onto the stage. I did walk away from a couple of the band while they were playing, but you could still hear them from all over the band and I only really stayed right up the front for the first couple of songs.

It's been a couple of years since I saw the Blackeyed Susans, but I still enjoyed them and there was a lot of people there by then. Hopefully they play more in the future.

Keeping with my usual custom of the last couple of cups, I ran out onto the field with the Rockdogs and got to hear JVG's speech in the rooms before the game. My camera lens fogged up from the dencorub fumes, was funny.

I don't really take that many photos of the actual match as there are plenty of people to do that on the day. I am vaguely aware there is a match going on the day, but as I said there is a lot going on during the day and I get distracted or someone wants to say hello so I am very busy. Sorry to Sambo who rang me during the day, but it was too busy and I couldn't find you.

The Living End were also good and it was the first time I had seen them play since their show at Ding Dong as the Longnecks a couple of years back. They had the biggest crowd of the day I thought and it was good to see the trannie cheerleaders even got to have a dance on stage with them.

Thanks to my sister and her friends for coming down as it was the first time I have had a family member turn up for a match (June is a busy month.) I did get to watch the second half of the match with my sister and her friends and tried not to run off too much, except at the end to go get some more photos.

The match result was a bit of a shock, but good on the Megahertz as they were due for a win.

The Espy Rockdogs Cheerleaders were great and thanks to Molly and Mel. I hope Molly eventually found her phone that we walked around half the ground to try and find. I only found out what happened to it later when I was looking at my photos from the day.

Nick Barker and the Reptiles were good, but I was a bit tired by the end of the day and left early to go get dinner and get a tram home, was in bed by about 8.30pm. Next year I will definitely have a day off afterwards.


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