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Coreyoke for Corey's Birthday

Greyhound Hotel
Sunday, 5th February, 2006

I didn't think I would make it on Sunday as I had been out drinking with Corey, Tom and Toby until 5.30am that morning and they had kicked on until 8.30am in the morning. Corey has a lot more stamina than most of us as he had a couple of hours sleep and was there by the time I got back to the pub at 5pm that day.

My favourite part of the day was when we gave Corey his present as everyone chipped in for it. Also a lot of people who used to work at the pub called in to see Corey and wish him happy birthday.

After the last time Toby tried to walk down to karaoke at the Greyhound while tripping, it was decided to get taxis for everyone. We got there just before the show started and I went between our group and the stage taking photos. There were some good singers on the night and I stayed until we all got up to sing "Midnight Special" for Corey (who had left by then!) Also Toby picked up some more fans in the audience as he was the best singer out of all of us.

I hadn't been on stage at karaoke before so it was an experience to say the least. After the show the rest of our group when on a pub crawl and back to Rohan from the GPB's place to sing some songs and whoop it up. If I wasn't working the next day I would have gone with them.

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