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Cristal Burlesque

with MC Rosy Rabbit, Lydia de Carllo & Sarah Lea Cheesecake
Cristal Nightclub, Sunday 5th April 2009

I had known about this night for a while, but I was having a rest from taking photos of burlesque shows for a while. I know what I said last year, but I was still upset then. I was also really missing some of the performers as they had been overseas since November last year and I hadn't seen then since they had came back. I don't want to embarrass them, but they know who they are.

Its always good to have a funny prop to take photos and have a consistent theme, and I was bringing some big chocolate rabbits to give away so I thought I would put them to good use. Cheers to Kitty and Lamour Mitchell who had lots of fun in their photos and also Lydia de Carllo who posed for a couple of shots.

Special performers for the night were Lydia de Carllo and Sarah Lea Cheesecake. It was great having only the two performers doing one feature performance per set as it meant there was more time to talk to people and I even got to show the girls their photos after their act, which I hardly ever get to do.

I ended up spending most of the night out on the balcony as it was fun to catch up and lots of people were out there.

Lydia de Carllo went great and I loved her act with the snake as it was funny. I hope she had a fun time out in Australia and comes back from Canada soon.

Sarah Lea Cheesecake's performances were great as always and I loved her new one with the stripy dress.

It was a fun night and I will try to get back some time in the future, hopefully when Kelly Ann Doll is on later this month.


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