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Crybaby Session at the Tote

Sunday 12th February, 2006
with Sarah Carroll, Rock Fairy & Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing

Almost two years since the last Crybaby session I went to at the Tote and a lot has changed at least in the Melbourne band scene. I was looking forward to seeing Sarah play here as I enjoyed the day so much last time and it is a very different atmosphere with an audience of kids. I also met Carla & Gabi from the Town Bikes when they performed on the day which made it even more special.

I liked Sarah's set and she had Shula Hanson on backup vocals which was quite nice. My favourite part was when there was almost a stage invasion by a baby. This does not come up that often at gigs I go to, but a thought of a baby bouncer would be quite funny - probably Oscar the Grouch "Hey! you can't go up there! You're not allowed!"

After Sarah's set the kids were entertained by the Rock Fairy with face painting afterwards with her friend the pirate. Mick Thomas had to put his set back to wait for the face painting to finish. I did not get the chance to talk to the Rock Fairy or her pirate friend after the show unfortunately.

I hadn't seen Mick Thomas perform since last year's Community Cup where he played a reunion set with Weddings, Parties, Anything. The songs that Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing play are a bit different to that band and even included a They Might Be Giants song. I also liked Mick Thomas' explanations between songs including the one where he said every other gig that the kids went to in the future would have cleaner carpet than the first one they went to at the Tote.

For some reason I still don't have Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing's album, something which I will have to rectify shortly. I did manage to get a copy of Sarah Carroll's new "PIRATE GIRL" EP at the gig though. I like the photo of her with the boots up in the air in the field of canola (my nose would have exploded off my face if I had tried that.)

I thought it was a great gig and I recommend getting along to the crybaby session on the 12th of March which will feature the Blackeyed Susans and the famous Wu-BQ. Long weekend so you have the bonus of not working the next day.

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