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PBS FM Cup Day Kaos 2010

with Suzannah Espie and the Last Word, Brothers Grimm and the Blue Murders, Abbie and Jeb Cardwell, Pete Sounds, Van Walker and Liz Stringer, Spencer P. Jones (unseen)
Retreat Hotel, Tuesday 2nd November 2010

It had been a big Cup weekend for me with Ky├╝ Saturday, Leah Flanagan Sunday, Day of the Dead at the Edinburgh Gardens Monday afternoon and Clare Bowditch at the Forum in the evening, but I still wanted to go to this gig as I missed the Retreat Cup Day gigs for the past few years. I do remember attending a "Cup Day Kaos" gig with the Twits, Sailors and Six Ft Hick in 2002 at the Espy but had forgotten it was a PBS FM event.

I had missed seeing Suzannah Espie and the Last Word's show in August at the Caravan Music Club so I was looking forward to seeing them. It was a great set with special guest guitarist Chris Altmann and Ian Collard on harmonica for a few songs. Cheers to Ian for giving me a copy of his new CD with my photo on it. The set ended just in time for the race to start but I didn't even bet on it this year so I wasn't worried.

Brothers Grimm and the Blue Murders were up next and I was able to stay for their full set this time. They had a lot of people in the room for them and a cheer squad of young girls up the front. I am sure people would have wondered why everyone started cheering during one of the songs, you can see the reason in the photos.

Abbie and Jeb Cardwell sounded nice, but unfortunately due to sound problems had their set cut short.

For some reason I had heard of the Pete Sounds band before, I thought they played well and should have more people see them.

Van Walker and Liz Stringer also played well to a packed front bar. I was getting a bit tired by this stage so I passed on Spencer P. Jones and was at home in bed by 7.30pm.

It was a great day and I will try to make it next year.


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