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Cup Eve 2006

The Eggs, Budgie Smugglers, Los Amigos
Pint on Punt
Monday, 6th November 2006


There was so much stuff on Cup Eve this year I just about had to throw a dart at the wall of gig posters to decide what to go to. Not having enough money for a taxi was the deciding factor though as I am sure all the other gigs were great.

Up first were the Eggs and despite what you may think they are totally different band to the Twits and are made up of:
Scamp Johnson (Vocals)
Reverend Smallpiece (Vocals)
Clayton South (guitar)
Pierce Membrane (bass)
Stirling Horn (Drums)

They played a great set of lounge style music complete with a lamp to complement the mood. Hopefully their album will come out in the new year and get them a few gigs.

The Budgie Smugglers were up next. Although I have heard their name around, this was the first time I had the chance to see them. They were great! They played a totally instrumental set and the guitar and bass work is great and Jesse played the drums so hard that he busted a stick. Some excellent covers including the Benny Hill music, Sweet Georgia Brown and the old Sabre Dance. I will try to look out for them in the future and hopefully they come back to the Pint soon.

I met one of the members of Los Amigos when I went out to the office to get my jacket, then turned around to see a masked wrestler starring me in the face. They all play in matching Mexican wrestling masks, flannelette shirts, red tracky-dacks and chucks which is a great look. Despite their look they are not a TISM tribute band and they played some great Mexican-themed songs with a rock beat. Good use of the slap bass and the lead singer doing chin-ups off the beam. They had a lot of their friends at the gig, but they didn't want to come up the front for some reason.

If Jack Black had any sense he would get Los Amigos to tour with Tenacious D next year so hopefully someone will forward a link to these photos to him so he can see. I know they would have already thought of it, but a Rock'n'Roll wrestling match with the band vs. all comers would be great too.

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