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Drouin Secondary College 50th Anniversary

including Drouin Central Classes 1952-1956
Saturday, 10th March 2007

There are several people who I have talked to who wanted to come to this reunion, but couldn't make it this time so I thought I should give some of my impressions of the day along with the photos.

I did end up walking over to the school and back home again, which was strange as it doesn't seem that far nowadays (must be all the walking I do in Melbourne.) I wish I hadn't bashed my toe at 1.30am on Saturday morning as it hurt all day. My ears were hardly ringing at all from the previous night, which was lucky at least.

As usual I turned up early and talked to Laurie Collins and Paul McGrath who I see sometimes at the Old Drouin Butter Factory when I come down to see bands. Cheers to Laurie who sat in the quadrangle all day selling merchandise.

There has been a lot of work done to the school so it was great to see all the new additions. Most of the old classrooms are now offices and the main office moved to the front of the school.

I enjoyed seeing all the new facilities and the new year 7 learning centre which should be put to great use.

The opening ceremony and speeches was just like being in school assembly as the audience even sang the national anthem. After the speeches and presentations I ended up going out to get some food as it was taking a while to get up to my era for the photo, when it came up there wasn't that many people from the 1990s anyway (75th anniversary maybe?)

After the photos I looked around for a bit more and walked home, only to find the next door neighbours arriving home from the school just as I arrived.

I was looking forward to the dinner dance as quite a few people were going to be there also and I took the chance to catch up with some of the teachers I remembered. It was a great night and I enjoyed the speeches especially those from the teachers and Rohan Hoult's comedy routine.

I would have stayed for longer, but my toe was hurting from standing up all day so I left everyone to it. Hopefully everyone had a good time who stayed and the rest of the weekend was enjoyed by everyone.


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