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Delta's Nightmare

with Swedish Magazines, Airbourne, Man's Ruin Burlesque, The Meanies, Cosmic Psychos
Prince Bandroom, Friday 27th May 2005

I originally wasn't going to attend this night, but thanks to my mum and dad visiting last week, my dad gave me a present of some money to go out. I was going to go out on the night they were there, but I remembered this night and decided to wait until the next Friday instead.

Supposedly I was meant to have a sleep for an hour after I got home, but I was too excited and just got up and finished off the rest of the vodka instead. Feeling adventurous, I also had a vodka with a large shot of "Extra Pedas" chilli sauce in it - tasty!

I met regulars of the Twits gigs Fudge, Nick and friends while waiting outside and walked up Fitzroy St with them to get a pizza. It was great as I got to talk to them before the bands started which I don't normally get to do at the Twits as the bands are already playing when they arrive.

The Swedish Magazines had some sound and equipment problems during their set which meant they could only play about half a dozen songs all up, but I have seen them before and know they are a good band.

Airbourne took the stage next and if they aren't the Bastard Sons of AC/DC I'll eat my camera! The lead guitarist was running backwards and forwards across the stage and during the song 'Girls in Black' he did a full circuit of the room, including playing a solo while standing on the bar. I will have to get their EP when I see them next as they are a great band.

Man's Ruin Burlesque is one of the leading groups that are trying to get Burlesque and Cabaret dancing back into live music venues. While it is good to see bands play, it gets boring if you see the same thing all the time and it was really great to see them perform tonight. They did two short performances before the Meanies and Cosmic Psychos and were very well received. Burlesque dancers are NOT strippers, so cries of "get your tits out!" will not work on them. Besides, it's much more sexy to watch a beautiful woman dance whose breasts are ALMOST falling out of her dress.

One of the blokes I asked to come to this gig didn't want to come as the Meanies were playing, that's a bit rough I reckon as they played a really great set. If you only remember them from the early 90's when they were popular on JJJ, then you should see them again as they have changed their look and feel quite a bit. The crowd really enjoyed their hit songs and I liked the less well-known songs also.

I saw the Cosmic Psychos play a couple of months ago at the now rooted Espy and I think that gig was what gave Ross the inspiration to put on this one as there were a lot of people who came to it just to see them. The same was true tonight and although the advertising touted that they were going to play their old songs, that wasn't the real reason most people came I reckon.

You could tell the crowd was enjoying the set as in many of the songs you could hear the sound of the crowd singing their songs just before the band sung them. They must have had a great time on stage as they would have heard their fold back and the crowd singing over the top of that.

Security was getting a bit pissed off with stage invasions, but the band seemed to put up with it surprisingly well. Someone threw a Richmond Tigers scarf on stage and then a bra, which prompted Ross to exclaim "Now we're getting somewhere!" Special mention must go to the Nude Fruit Juggler who threw a woman off stage while still having is pants around his ankles.

Some hard core people wanted a second encore, but I thought it was best for them to finish on a high. Ken Oath! It was a great gig! GET A BLACK DOG UP YA!


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