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Three Wise Monkeys Tour

with Sarah Carroll, Van Walker and Mick Thomas
Drunken Poet, Sunday 5th October 2008

I was disappointed that I couldn't make it down to the show at the Old Drouin Butter Factory for this tour, but the trains don't come back down to Melbourne on Sunday afternoon and I would have had to stay an extra day.

I hadn't been to the Drunken Poet before, but I had heard about it. Luckily the market was still open so I got to have a bratwurst and SOME MUSTARD? on the way there. No donuts this time though because of my teeth. Even though most of it was closed, I did still go through the section with the butchers to hear some yelling about meat.

The performing area was a bit smaller than I thought and quite a few people decided to watch Sarah, Van and Mick from the footpath outside. I thought it was a good gig and I will try to get Van Walker's new CD soon. I was almost going to run out and get a bucket to come back in as Ned Kelly when Mick sang "Our Sunshine", but I decided against it this time as running across six lanes of traffic the previous night to buy Crunchies at the 7/11 for the Eggs while they sang "Violet Crumble" was enough for one week.

On the way home I bumped into Ian Bland and stopped into the Pint to see a couple of songs by Red Rivers, who I hadn't seen since the Detonators CD launch last year.


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