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The Band Who Knew Too Much and Flap!

East Brunswick Club, Thursday 3rd June 2010

It's been a while since I have been out on a weeknight for anything else except seeing a movie, probably wasn't the best to try and do two late nights in a row, but these things happen.

Although it would have been nice to go see Casey Bennetto and the Half-Arsed Three, but hopefully I will next month. As I arrived far too early I got to go up to Mi Corazon for a drink and to say hello as I hadn't been there since I was working in East Coburg last year and getting the tram past every day.

I do see Dave every day on the way to work these days, but it is still good to get out and see the Band Who Knew Too Much on behalf of my friends who are busy working and can't make it. They only had the one set and had to be off by 10pm, but I thought they played well and had a lot of people dancing by the end.

For some reason I still haven't bought Flap!'s EP, will have to do it soonish. As I did have work the next day, I had to leave half way through their set unfortunately. It was great to see everyone push towards the front when they started and lots of people were dancing when I saw them.

I will try to get to see both bands in the future and hopefully the Band Who Knew Too Much next week if I don't have anything else on.


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