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Elvis 30th Anniversary

with Jane Dust, Tupeloettes, Little Sadie, Aintree Sweet, Kentucky Backroads, Tanya Lee's R&Bs, Collard Greens & Gravy, Sarah Carroll & the Blue Moon Boys, Chautauqua, Henry Wagons, Four Men from Memphis (unseen), The Exotics (unseen)
Corner Hotel, Thursday 16th August 2007

I definitely know to leave the 16th of August free each year now as I have been going to Elvis nights on that day since 2004 and have had a great time at each of them. Last year I went to the night at the Greyhound instead of the Old Bar and missed seeing my Elvis-loving friend at the night. Sarah told me about the night quite a few months ago, so even when Fred asked me to come to his night at the 'hound later I was already booked out (next year.)

There were heaps of acts on and they only got to sing three Elvis songs each so it was difficult to keep track. I liked the big bands the most and the sing along to Henry Wagons' version of In the Ghetto was funny too. Quite a few of the acts were just for that night so it was great to see them.

My friend really loves Elvis and wanted me to steal one of the big stand-up Elvis cut-outs at the side of the stage, I didn't agree, but she did get two Elvis posters (they were all gone within 1/2 an hour!) The two cardboard Elvis' couldn't help themselves and ended up dancing with the ladies in front of the stage as well as posing for photos with well-wishers.

It was a fun night and I am looking forward to next year's bash already.

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