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2005 Elvis Tribute Night

The Old Bar
Tuesday 16th August, 2005

MC: Glenn Maynard
with Jamaica Bluegrass, The Auralees, C.W. Stoneking, The Exotics, Plump Daddy Elvis and the Hustlers (not seen) & Legends of Motorsport (not seen)

As I had a great time at last year's Elvis Tribute night at the Old Bar, I was looking forward to the night especially as my friend who really loves Elvis had said she was coming also.

MC for the night was Glenn Maynard, who did a great job filling in during some of the delays and his assistant Ben was also great on the night. In keeping with the spirit of the night, there was also a plate of fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches passed around that I tried one of. To get the taste out of my mouth I had a shot of tequila with my friend, which was great (my friend had already had a couple to commemorate the occasion.)

Although there weren't many people there at the time, the Jamaica Bluegrass played a great three songs and my friend got to talk to the lead singer from the band after they had finished their set.

During the set breaks the MC and Ben ran Elvis trivia and a 'complete this song lyric' contests amongst other things. The competition heated up once more people arrived, but my friend was too embarrassed to compete (she would have won too easy.)

The Auralees were very loud, but I thought they were a great band and the old dude up the front had quite a good time dancing to them. I haven't seen them around town before, but I will keep an eye out for them next time.

C.W. Stoneking was one of the artists who performed last year at the tribute night, and he was just as good as last year. His basic roots style really suited the songs he chose and he was one of the only acts to get to play an encore.

I have seen the Exotics play around town before and they played a really great set with everyone getting up the front to dance. I had to leave around 10.30pm, so I didn't get to see Legends of Motorsport or Plump Daddy Elvis and the Hustlers, but my friend said they went very well and she had a great time.

I thought it was a great night overall and I enjoyed it even more this year as my friend was there and I could look over to her while the bands were playing to see how much she was enjoying herself.

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