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Mrs Wainright & La Femme

The Empress Hotel
Saturday, 17th September 2005

It had been a while since I had seen Mrs Wainright so I was looking forward to seeing them again and to catching up with Trish and seeing what she had been up to. As I thought they were starting at 3pm, I arrived at 2.30pm so I could talk to them beforehand. They eventually ended up starting at 5.30pm, but the pub had a Nick Cave CD on so I just listened to that (I should have bought my Jon Stewart book with me to read.)

Mrs Wainright now have some new songs in their set which were great to listen to and I hope they keep doing them in the future. I also heard that their "Deadman's Pocket" music video recently screened on Rage, so I will have to keep a look out for it.

I was looking forward to seeing La Femme after hearing Dr Pump read a story by one of their members on the JVG Radio method last Sunday on RRR FM. They didn't disappoint and the lead singer reminded me a lot of Fred Negro except he didn't take his pants off.

They played mostly their own songs with a few covers that had their own spin. The crowd certainly enjoyed them including the bunch of kids that turned up which was great to see as you normally don't see any young people at pub gigs for obvious reasons.

La Femme is playing again next week, but I don't know if they will get many people due to the Grand Final and there are no TVs in the bar. If you don't like footy than I recommend going to see them so you can avoid it all together. I am sure there will be heaps of people after the game though as there are drunk people all over the place on Grand Final night.

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