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Espy Rockdogs Pie Night 2010

with Buried Horses, The Level Spirits, Money for Rope, The Spazzys, Cosmic Psychos, The Nubiles, Oz Rock Karaoke, Fuck Fucks (unseen)
The Espy, Friday 25th June 2010

It has been a while since there had been one of these nights before a Community Cup and for the last couple I hadn't gone out much in the days before the cup to rest up.

As it turned out I ended up coming to the Espy the week before to see Little Freddie and the Pops and the Hybernators. It was a bit quiet when I arrived for the night this time and I thought there would be more people for the Buried Horses, but I thought they went well.

The Level Spirits were great and Molly their lead singer was funny as were the Espy Rockdogs Cheerleaders who danced during the night and sold raffle tickets.

I hadn't seen Money For Rope, but thought they were great and am looking forward to seeing them in the future.

It was great to see the Spazzys as I missed seeing them last week.

Special guest for the night with the Cosmic Psychos was Billy Watts on guitar and it was the first time I had see him play.

I had heard of the Nubiles before, but hadn't seen them play. They got to do some more songs at the end of their set as everyone was enjoying them.

For the last part of the night Dave Larkin and band did Oz Rock Karaoke with some classic songs including "You're the Voice" with a big sing along with Money For Rope and Dan Sultan.

That was the end of the night for me, but apparently the Fuck Fucks did end up playing afterwards. I left as they were packing up the stage and I thought the action had finished for the night plus I had been there for seven hours so that was enough for me.


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