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Exotica at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2005

with Dr El Suavo, Sassy Minx, Johnny Vom Freakshow and the Bar MacKinnon Big Band
Pony, Saturday 24th September 2005

I wasn't planning on going to anything after the Grand Final this year as I was planning on having a quiet weekend. My plans changed however when I was invited to go see another band play an our or so after the Grand Final and then one of the performers from this show invited me to come see it. I had been interested in this show when I first read the festival program, so it was good to get a chance to see it.

Dr El Suavo was the DJ and entertainment was provided by bad old animation and TV shows being screened on a 16mm projector. The soundtrack deliberately didn't match what was on screen, but it was funny to listen to while watching the films (Hardware Wars was my favourite.) It was a bit embarrassing talking to women when the porn soundtrack was playing though.

Sassy Minx was up first and she did a sexy dance with a great soundtrack provided by Dr El Suavo. I really liked her hair also as it would have taken a lot of effort to put up like that. Ms Minx also performed later on the program was was very well received by the crowd.

Dr El Suavo did some great magic tricks and I didn't think he would get chased out of the venue liked he claimed. My favourite tricks involved the rubber chicken as it made a funny squeaky noise when he used it. Also he did a straightjacket escape which I haven't seen done live before.

Johnny Vom Freakshow provided some freak show style entertainment with the added enjoyment of him possibly hurting himself during his act which made it more exciting to watch.

Ending the night was the Bar MacKinnon Big Band which contained members of Mr Bungle and the Secret Chiefs. It was supposedly their first gig in public and I thought it was very interesting as it was a different style of music than I would usually see.

Overall I thought it was a very interesting night and there certainly was a lot of variety in the acts. I will have to look out for the Exotica cabaret nights in the future as I would definitely consider going next time.

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