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Off the Record/Film Buffs' Forecast at the 2008 Melbourne International Film Festival

Forum Theatre, Saturday 2nd August 2008

Off the Record
with Brian Wise, Jeff Jenkis, Billy Pinell, Chris Wilson, Juliana Chen, Mahalia Barnes, Morgan Neville

I missed not having the Off the Record and Film Buffs' Forecast outside broadcasts last year as they were as much a part of the film festival in the few years I had been going to see them as the midnight screenings.

This year I am taking a break from seeing films at the festival, but I still wanted to see the outside broadcast.

Chris Wilson played some good songs along with Mahalia Barnes, who I will have to go to see in the future.

I will also try to see some of the music docos that were talked about after the festival.

Film Buffs' Forecast
with Paul Harris, Arta Dobroshi, Lazelle Atkins, Erin White, John Hewitt, Steve Pang & John Origlasso, Penny Patrick

Guests and the movies they discussed:
Arta Dobroshi (Lorna's Silence)
Lazelle Atkins (Lionel)
Erin White (Four)
John Hewitt (Acolytes)
Sam/Steve Pang & John Origlasso (Together for MIFF Footy Shorts)
Penny Patrick (Playing for Charlie)

There were a lot of guests on the show, although not the festival director this time. Paul Harris had gotten sick unfortunately, like a lot of people do around film festival time (I had an ear infection three years in a row), but I still think he did a good show.

I liked hearing about all the films and it was funny to see Paul turn on Steve Pang and John Origlasso during their interview and run the show off the rails.

Hopefully next year I will get to see more films and the outside broadcast will return.


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