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Frank Lee Earnest & the Empty Glasses

Pint on Punt
Saturday, 6th January 2007

Frank Lee Earnest had played at the Pint several times before, but I kept missing them for some reason. The closest I had come to seeing them before was arriving at the pub when they were loading out and the pub was packed to the gunwales with people who had come to see them.

It was only the first show of their residency so these things take a while to build up and audience, but from the way the band played I am sure that the people who came to see them will tell their friends and bring back more people next week.

There was a bit of screaming coming from Frank and lots of guitar feedback that would put younger bands to shame (they don't usually do it so they can go have a smoke & drink though.) I even tried to dance at one point which was a surprise.

I don't usually go out on Saturday nights, but I might start doing it more often if Frank Lee Earnest are going to be playing as it means I have something to do on a Saturday night and get to leave the camera at home.

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