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Firebird at Route 66

Sunday, 26th August 2007

I hadn't seen Firebird since New Year's Eve and it had been a while since I had been to Route 66 so I was looking forward to both even though I had been up late the night before at Mach Pelican's farewell show.

There was a BBQ early and it turned out to be a great day for it. I had a sausage and also purchased a shirt that I had my eye on for quite a while and will be wearing it around town in the future. Thanks to Sarah for helping me find the one I wanted and having a look at it when I tried it on.

I remember Firebird made all the windows and glasses rattle at the Pint, but luckily on this day they didn't play as loud. It was good to see the big turnout even if a lot of people just hung out in the park across the road.

Depending on what I have on I will try to get to another gig there later in the year.

Suzannah Espie & the Last Word at the Greyhound

I was planning on staying to see all of Suzannah's gig and the karaoke afterwards, but I wanted to go through the photos from the previous night so only stayed for one set this time. I am sure more people turned up for the second set and everyone had fun.

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